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We place a great deal of importance on patient feedback. Our intent is to provide you and your family with the utmost biological dental care through which optimal oral health can be maintained for a lifetime. We welcome your input and invite you to see what other patients have to say about our friendly office and team.

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Rating : 5 5 Star
We brought my son to Dr. Krizman when he was about 2-3 months old when a Lactation consultant thought his poor latch and poor weight gain might be attributed to a tongue tie. He had a severe tongue and lip tie that had to be released in 4 places. Before his frenectomy, he was unable to latch without getting tons of air and discomfort for him and I during feedings. He also could not latch onto the bottle. Dr. Krizman was awesome!!! She uses a laser which causes minimal bleeding. She showed me his severe tongue and lip tie before surgery. After surgery, I noticed a huge difference with his first feeding! He could finally get a deep latch! He also could finally latch on to the bottle. Dr. Krizman gives you coconut oil to help with the tongue and lip stretches and some homeopathic drops for pain. The surgery was not a huge deal, my son had discomfort from it for the first day but was fine after. The hardest part about it all was the stretches that we had to do afterwards. After his tongue tie release, I immediately could see that he had far more mobility with his tongue and could touch the roof of his mouth with it. Something he definitely could not do before. I HIGHLY recommend Dr.Krizman. Her office is very clean, staff is very knowledgable and kind. Holly
Rating : 5 5 Star
I would give Dr. Krizman a 5 star, but I've had so much dental work in my life that it's not my favorite place to be. She is very thorough and conscientious. She really cares about us as her patients and our well-being. She is always looking for ways to support our dental health. Her techniques and methods are state of the art and cutting edge. I recommend everyone I know to see her for great dental care. Murray I.
Rating : 5 5 Star
I can't express my gratitude enough to Dr. Krizman and her caring staff. The reason for my testimonial is that I suffer greatly from sinus infections for the last 3 years even after having had surgery. Dr Krizman suggested that I may benefit from the prolozone injections to eradicate any infections. By the 2nd treatment, I had unmentionable gunk flowing from deep in the sinus cavities that neither steroids or antibiotics was able to remove. After the 3rd treatment, Dr Krizman suggested that I may want to try a more aggressive treatment which is an IV Ozone which I am having performed by Blue Oak Clinic later this month. I am extremely satisfied with the Prolozone injections but for me, I need to go the extra measure. I will continue on with the Prolozone treatments every year to ensure my good health. I do feel after the 3rd series of injections that any infection is gone. Dr. Krizman is so dedicated to her patients that she will research and offer alternatives to see that everyone is given options. (Another well kept secret that I must tell about is the 03, Ozonated Olive Oil. This product heals wounds and clears skin issues. My facial skin texture is more even, discoloration has been minimized and every cell is nourished, therefore erasing wrinkles etc. I'm not sure if Dr. Krizman can substantiate my claims and this is strictly from my own use experimenting. Ann M
Rating : 5 5 Star
My son was just a few weeks old and struggling to feed from both breast and bottle when we were referred to Dr. Krizman for assessment of his lip and tongue ties. His pediatrician had clipped both with scissors when he was one week (lip) and two weeks (tongue) old. I was never given post-procedure instructions and as a result both places reattached. Dr. Krizman saw us less than 24 hours after I made the initial phone call. I can't emphasize enough how knowledgeable, gentle, and caring she is! I was very much at ease with her and her staff - I was very nervous to bring in my baby after the two unsuccessful procedures. She used the laser to release both tongue and lip ties in a very quick procedure. He healed so quickly and with the help of the arnica she prescribed, I believe he was relatively comfortable. Dr. Krizman gave extensive follow up instructions - unlike our (former) pediatrician. Our experience was amazing and I am so thankful to Dr. Krizman! Stephanie L
Rating : 5 5 Star
I had tried to breastfeed all of my babies but was never able get past a few weeks due to the pain. When I had my 4th baby I was determined to breast feed him. At 3 weeks old we found out he had a posterior tongue and lip tie. Dr. Krizman was fantastic! She took so much time with us and explained the procedure and after care so well! She is a mom who breastfed her babies and really empathized with my desire to keep nursing my son. I am happy to report he is 5 months old now and we are still breastfeeding! Such a wonderful feeling. Thanks Dr. Krizman! Erin Jensen
Rating : 5 5 Star
Dr. Krizman and everyone in her office are amazing. We delivered a baby boy in May and quickly realized that we had an uphill battle to establish breastfeeding because of his tongue and lip-tie. Dr. Krizman came highly recommended by the TMC Lactation Consultants. When we called for an appointment her staff got us in right away, recognizing that every day in the beginning of a baby's life when breastfeeding is not going well feels like forever for the mother and father of the little one. Dr. Krizman is a mother herself and completely gets the big picture of why breastfeeding is so important for babies' health and the mother-baby bonding experience. She released our son's tongue and lip tie, and then when they reattached she re-did the procedure free of charge (as part of the initial package). The second time was the charm and we have been thriving since. We would not be where we are today, holding our chubby, happy, beautiful, exclusive ly-breastfed three-month old son without Dr. Krizman and her fabulous staff! We have now recommended her to two of our dear friends and they too have had fabulous experiences. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kyle and Niall
Rating : 5 5 Star
My little baby boy was severely lip & tongue-tied from birth. It affected breastfeeding from the start. Though he latched he had to work extra hard to nurse. After 1 week, my nipples were open because of the hard suck and the force from that split them. It took 2 weeks to heal completely from that. Literally, immediately after the release, he nursed and it was pain free! OMG! Awesome. We did the tongue massages were done every 4 hours for 4 weeks.

He must be a fast healing, and it is unusual for a release to reconnect, it happened to us. I called Dr. Krizman when he was 2 months old because I felt the latch 'tightening' and he needed a re-released of his tongue. For the second release she did so without charge. He didn't tolerate the release as well as he did in his 1st week of life, and we had to syringe feed because he never had taken a bottle and he didn't want to use his tongue,that night and he was fussy, but it did make a big difference. I was consistent with the massages again and he re-connect a little bit but nothing that affected our breastfeeding relationship!

The only recommendations I have for other clients is get a 'pre-approval' from your insurance so you can submit the insurance voucher Dr. Krizman's gives her clients. totally worth it and I don't have time to drive to PHX to see Dr Agarwal and gladly footed the bill.

Thank You Dr. Krizman! We will be back for Dental work for ourselves! Samantha B
Rating : 5 5 Star
We found out that our daughter hds both lip and tongue ties when she was about 6 weeks old. We are living in Albuquerque, NM at the time and no one here was able to release her ties with a laser. I called Krizmen Dental on a Monday and they wanted to get us in the very next day since Dr Krizman was going out of town on Wednesday. Since we lives 7 hours away, this wasn't possible for us. But Dr. Krizman was willing to see us before she left for vacation on Wednesday morning! We got there and were greeted with the kindest staff. Jeanne evaluated our daughter and confirmed the ties. She explained how the procedure worked and the after care. Knowing that we were getting on the road to come back home right after, she gave us a small supply of coconut oil and a sample of Arnica. She even sent me a text to see how things were healing while she was on vacation!! She is an amazing Dr., and I can't wait to see her when we move to AZ next year! Danielle Hardy
Rating : 5 5 Star
She is a wonderful doctor. Takes her time, explains things and understands the emotional stress this kind of procedure can have on a parent. Courtney Patel
Rating : 5 5 Star
The procedure was so fast and Dr. Krizman was very knowledgable and compassionate. Would highly recommend. Jessica Bess
Rating : 5 5 Star
After a trauma of falling and damaging my front teeth she helped me to save the teeth and no other dentist at the time took this orientation that the teeth could be saved. She is amazing, skillful and very sensitive to patient's needs. Tucson, AZ
Rating : 5 Reviews Tucson - Tori in Tucson, AZ Testimonial
I have received very good care by Dr. Krizman and her office for the many needs I have had in the last 6 months. I honestly do not know what I would have done had I not found her. I appreciate her biological/integrative approach to dentistry, her technical expertise, her kindness and that of her staff. She has gone out of her way to explain things thoroughly and given me clear options and additional help when I needed it. She is very detailed and careful in her work. I highly recommend her. Tori in Tucson, AZ
Rating : 5 Reviews Tucson - NM Testimonial
Last year Dr. Krizman administered antra-osseous ozone to treat my jaws where ischemia had caused chronic pain. The pain left and I am Grateful. NM
Rating : 5 Reviews Tucson - Rebecca Testimonial
I have never walked away from a dental visit knowing so much about my teeth as I did after my visit with Dr. Krizman. After performing a thorough exam, she took the time to show me all the problems and potential problem areas with my teeth and how to address them. She has high-tech tools, safe x-ray equipment and a calm, reassuring demeanour. She blends treatment practices from both holistic and biological dentistry and traditional dentistry. I am so happy to have chosen her care. Rebecca T
Rating : 5 Reviews Tucson - Testimonials
Outstanding for allergic and chemically injured patients and also for those who want the best treatment possible for their general health.
Needing dental work but allergic to dental resins and plastics even in tiny amounts, I arrived in Dr. Krizman's office. She explained options and alternatives and gave me samples to try. But nothing was tolerable. Undaunted, she proceeded to launch a exhaustive investigation on her own of other existing possibilities and also any new, upcoming alternatives on the horizon and she has found something brand new that will work! As a result of all this, I came to realize that not only does Dr. Krizman have an encyclopedic knowledge of dental products and procedures, but also that she will go the extra mile many extra miles to help her patients. She has also chosen to use only the most non-toxic, most biocompatible materials and really knows how they are different from the others that are available. I heartily recommend her to people who are allergic, have chemical injury, or who would just like to keep their mouth and whole body in th e best possible health with her you couldn't be in better, more intelligent hands. And she's also really, really nice. P. C.
Rating : 5 Reviews Tucson - Testimonials
Professional, expert, excellent bedside manner
Dr Krizman pulled a tooth and took care of another one when I was in real need. She and her caring and knowledgeable staff paid attention to everything I said, every detail required- and then some. I was thoroughly educated about a botched root canal that no other dentist had spotted for 15 years- the source of much ill health over the years and lovingly prepared for the procedure. I even got a personal phone call from the doctor the day after! I am impressed by the holistic understanding and how my sensitivities and concerns were honoured and appreciated. I have been referring people ever since! Cynthia G.
Rating : 5 Reviews Tucson - Testimonials
I couldn't be happier with Dr Krizman! She has conquered my fear of going to the dentist!! Barb


Krizman Dental Integrative Biological Dentistry
Rating:5 5 Star Rating Review, Reviews Tucson

Reviews Tucson - Left QuoteI have received very good care by Dr. Krizman and her office for the many needs I have had in the last 6 months. I honestly do not know what I would have done had I not found her. I appreciate her biological/integrative approach to dentistry, her technical expertise, her kindness and that of her staff. She has gone out of her way to explain things thoroughly and given me clear options and additional help when I needed it. She is very detailed and careful in her work. I highly recommend her.Reviews Tucson - Right Quote
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